miscellaneous jokes

miscellaneous jokes

Postby eeliote » Tue Dec 13, 2011 7:12 pm

in a huge gymnasium, a woman who is sitting in chair and the three suiters, wants to marry her ! the woman told the three suiters, i will marry one of you ! one except - first one of you can bring me here, as many ping-pong balls, you can , i will marry you ! i wait for you, as long it take ! three years later, first suiter comes back with 5,000 ping-pong balls ! five years later, the second suiter comes back with one million ping-pong balls! 5 years ago, another 5 years ago, and the lady doesn't know where the three suiter is ? it's the 20 years years, the third suiter comes into the gymnasium, a truck with a flat platform attach to it. on the platform, it had the two huge balls that greasy and hairy on them, they tall as the ceiling ! the lady said to third suiter:" i told you that i want as many ping-pong balls, you can get ! " then the third suiter almost faint, and he finally said to her: " omgod, i thought you said king kong's balls ! "
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